Machine learning is a hot topic at the moment - and with good reason! The Machine learning technology is changing the world and that also applies in the world of machine vision. 




General feautures 

Here is the very basics you need to know about the craft of Machine learning 

The word “Machine learning” is used when a machine imitates "cognitive" functions, often associated with humans such as “learning” or “problem solving”. Machine learning is often implemented via a (convolutional) neural network and can be supervised or unsupervised. Machine learning allows computational models that are composed of multiple processing layers to learn representation of data with multiple levels of abstraction. Methods that in recent years have drastically improved speech recognition, visual recognition, object detection and other domains. Machine learning discovers structures in large data sets and have brought significant breakthroughs in processing images, video, speech, text and audio.

Machine learning today is mostly about pure supervised learning. It requires a lot of labeled data that can be expensive to collect. The future of machine learning will be more unsupervised, e.g. more human-like. Both humans and animals largely discover the world by observing it, not by being told the name of every object.


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